A different approach. 

Gilky Way Galaxy Productions was founded by Michael Gilkison in 2014. At an early age, Gilkison knew that he wanted to be in the entertainment industry, enamored by HBO, stand up comedy, and Nick-at-Nite. In high school, Gilkison made short films with his friends and even created a rap battle music video that pitted the Science department against the Math Department. While entertainment was his main passion, the societal pressure of choosing a college/career with the end goal of a "realistic"  job took root.

After graduating from Georgetown College in 2009, Gilkison decided to attend graduate school rather than finding a job in the midst of an economic collapse. It was at West Virginia University where Gilkison re-kindled his passion for film making when he made a commercial for Doritos' Crash the Super Bowl competition. Gilkison graduated from WVU in December 2011, and started intensely studying screenwriting in 2012 while working abroad in Australia.

In 2013, Gilkison moved to Long Beach, California where he took the train to work for production companies in West Hollywood. He tore through scripts on a daily basis, doing script coverage and gained an invaluable understanding of the inner workings of the industry.

Currently, Gilkison lives and works in Silicon Valley where he is developing and producing movies, shows, and podcasts. Gilky Way Galaxy is still in the early phases development, but we are working on how to present content innovatively in a technologically advancing world.